Choledochal cyst

Elena Andreeva, MD., Natalia Odegova, MD.

Choledochal cyst 

Elena Andreeva, MD., Natalia Odegova, MD.
Moscow regions Research Institute of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Medical-Genetics Department, Moscow, Russia.

Case report:

A P2G3 patient was presented at 23 weeks with unremarkable medical history. Our ultrasound investigation revealed a cystic structure of about the same size as stomach, localized under the umbilical vein. 
The rest of the fetus was normal.
We suggested the diagnosis of choledochal cyst which was confirmed postnatally. At 38 weeks, a Cesarean section was performed . The newborn weighed 3600g (male, Apgar 9/10). At day 25 after birth, a surgical excision of the cyst and reconstruction of the biliary tree were done. The baby had a good evolution. 

Images 1, 2: Transverse scans showing stomach and cystic structure representing choledochal cyst.


Images 3 :3D reconsrtruction choledochal cyst



Video: At 23,3 weeks of pregnancy; gray scale and color Doppler clips. Color Doppler shows the avascular nature of the formation.

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