Hepatic capsule calcification, idiopathic

Francois Duchatel MD

This 30-year-old, gravida 3, para 2,  is referred at 35 weeks for "abdominal calcifications"




A PUBS and an amniocentesis were performed: with the following results:

  • Normal karyotype = 46 XX

  • CMV negative

  • toxoplasmosis negative

  • cystic fibrosis (8 more frequent mutations) negative

The fetus is well and there is no other abnormality The delivery occured at 39.5 weeks, vaginally. The baby girl, was well and alive, 3280 grs, Apgar 10/10, meconium +. No infectious disease found, no problems on physical examination, the abdominal X-ray shows diffuse calcifications as found on the sonograms.  The baby and her mother were discharged on day 4 without any problem.

No explanations were found for the calcifications.

(Note from Philippe Jeanty: We had a similar case a few years ago, in a nurse who was self prescribing large amount of calcium and vitamin D to compensate for her allergy to milk. After stopping the calcification became less visible but were still visible after delivery on a plain film of the abdomen)




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